Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Spirulina is known as the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL FOOD and Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica is the world’s MOST POTENT STRAIN of this great Superfood. It is the RICHEST WHOLEFOOD SOURCE of antioxidant Vitamins A, E, Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Selenium and SOD, a powerful ANTI-OXIDANT and ANTI-AGEING enzyme we can only get from our diet. It has 6 times more protein than eggs and 200 times more protein than beef; 100 times more Vitamin-A than carrots; 50 times more iron than spinach; 26 times more calcium than milk . . and much, much more.

Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica is one of nature’s most complete foods. Taking it as part of your daily routine not only provides outstanding nutrition, it has also been found to strengthen the immune system, support cardiovascular function and healthy cholesterol levels, improve gastro-intestinal and digestive health, enhance natural cleansing and detoxification and provide superior antioxidant protection to the cells of the body (see Webpage ‘Research on Superfoods).

Commercial spirulina and chlorella are grown in either inland lakes or ocean waters. Of the two, ocean water has the highest concentrations of nutrients necessary to produce the most nutrient-rich algae. Some inland lakes, such as Klamach lake, have been found to be contaminated with toxins while most of the world’s oceans are also heavily polluted from the alarmingly high quantities of toxic wastes which pour into them every day. Only Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica draws its nourishment from an ultra-pure, unpolluted, deep current of water that flows independently through the world’s deepest, cleanest ocean. This current of pure, mineral-rich water was formed thousands of years ago when, due to climate change, gigantic glaciers began to melt. They quickly sank to depths exceeding 10,000 feet and were prevented from mixing with the surrounding ocean water due to a marked difference in temperature and salinity. Thus, a great ocean ‘conveyor belt’ of ultra-pure, pollution-free, deep-sea glacial water was established 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, and it still remains to this day.

This deep layer of ultra-pure water is retained as a very slow moving and distinctly isolated ‘stream’ or ‘river’ thousands of feet below the sea surface. Run-off from outside sources is unable to penetrate, so there is no possibility of pollution from domestic or agricultural waste such as pesticides, herbicides, sewage effluent, or industrial pollution. In addition, and as a precautionary measure, samples of Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica are microscopically tested on a daily basis, to ensure that its purity and cleanliness is maintained. It is also periodically screened for cyanotoxins and other contaminants, none of which have been detected in Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica.

This deep river of water is so pure, and so incredibly rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals, that it is bottled and sold under the name of ‘Mahalo Hawaiian Deep Sea Water’ to Japanese and American consumers as a health-giving, natural mineral water. It is also obtainable at Claridges Hotel in London at £20 a bottle! and is rapidly becoming Hawaii’s No 1 export. The wealth of minerals in these glacier waters are absorbed by Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica which, when consumed, pass directly into our own body cells. Without this complete spectrum of essential minerals and trace minerals in our diet, we do not get nearly enough of the total nutrition we need.

No blue-green algae, other than Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina Pacifica, is grown in such mineral-rich, ultra-pure waters. In addition, it is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and is GMO and irradiation free – this is the ONLY blue-green algae/spirulina used in SUPERFOOD DIRECT products.


Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica utilizes the unusual wealth of natural minerals in the water plus year-round sunshine to produce a most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients not found together in any other natural food. They include a full spectrum of NATURAL VITAMINS and THEIR CO-FACTORS (see webpage ‘Vitamins: Natural vs Synthetic’) including VITAMIN A (Retinyl Acetate); VITAMIN B¹ (Thiamine); VITAMIN B² (Riboflavin); VITAMIN B³ (Niacin); VITAMIN B6 (Pyridoxine); VITAMIN B¹² (colobalimine); VITAMIN D; VITAMIN E (tocopherol); VITAMIN K; PANTOTHENIC ACID; FOLIC ACID and CHOLINE. It has the HIGHEST PLANT SOURCE of VITAMIN B¹² (colobalimine) and the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of BETA CAROTINE (10 times more concentrated than carrots); a FULL SPECTRUM of ORGANIC MINERALS (see Webpage ‘Minerals: Metallic vs Organic’) including CALCIUM; IRON; FOLIC ACID (its rich content of Iron and Folic Acid is 60 times more absorbable than those present in most synthetic supplements); PHOSPHOROUS; IODINE; MAGNESIUM; MANGANESE; CHROMIUM; MOLYBDENUM; CHLORIDE; ZINC; SELENIUM; COPPER; POTASSIUM; BORON and GERMANIUM; A COMPLETE SET of TRACE MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS; ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS including GAMMA LINOLEIC ACID (GLA) and ALL 8 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS that we can only get from our diets; AMINO-SUGARS (mucopoly-saccharides which are essential for strengthening connective tissues and protecting the vascular system); THOUSANDS of LIVING ENZYMES and CO-ENZYMES – pivotal in the process of converting food into energy); SUPEROXIDE-DISMUTASE (SOD, a powerful ANTI-OXIDANT and ANTI-AGEING enzyme we can only get from our diet), and CHLOROPHYLL (aids oxygen supply to the red blood cells and supports cell growth); a full spectrum of ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (including OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-9 which is critical for healthy brain function but is routinely missing from the average diet); GLYCOLIPIDS; ESSENTIAL PROTEINS plus THOUSANDS of other MICRO-NUTRIENTS that have not yet been investigated.

Spirulina is a RARE SUPERFOOD whose concentration of essential nutrients are not found together in any other single food. Due to its UNUSUALLY HIGH CONCENTRATION of ESSENTIAL, FUNCTIONAL NUTRIENTS, only 3 grams a day provides SIGNIFICANT HEALTH BENEFITS, and PROFOUND and POSITIVE EFFECTS on your overall HEALTH, VITALITY and WELLBEING.

Our Spirulina is supplied in either pure powder or tablet form. The tablets are cold-pressed and manufactured in accordance with NPA-Good Manufacturing Practices, and in accordance with local and State of Hawaii regulations. They are 98.5 pure Hawaiian Spirulina with the addition of silica (1%), chicory inulin (0.4%) and magnesium stearate (0.1%) which are used as tableting aids.

Our Blue Green Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is imported from the Cyanotech Corporation in Hawaii. Nutrex Hawaii is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cyanotech Corporation.

If you would like further details about Blue Green Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica please visit either www.cyanotech.com or www.nutrex-hawaii.com

PLEASE NOTE: Although no contra-indications have been reported regarding this product being taken by pregnant or lactating women, as a precaution, pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before taking any product. If you have any other concerns about taking this product, please consult your doctor.


Take 3g (1 tsp) per daily, preferably with food. This item (600g) is supplied in 2 x 300g foil bags. One bag (300g) will last you 100 days therefore this item in total will last you 200 days. Please do not open individual bags until you start using them as they are designed to keep moisture out and keep the product fresh.

Begin with 1-2g (1/2 tsp) per day and gradually increase to 3g (1 tsp) per day over 2 weeks. Blend with water, organic diluted non-citrus fruit juice, milk or smoothie.